I will be relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area in the coming months and therefore Wudang Martial Arts instruction at Zanshin location is temporary at this point. I am currently still offering Sundays Open Mat session and have added a Thursday evening option starting until I leave the area. I will likely be in town at least until the end of summer and maybe longer. Keep looking for further posts on the schedule as per when I plan on moving.

Current Schedule



Sunday Morning Sessions: 10 to 12 and Thursday Evenings 7:30 to 8:45

Training is available for all adults 18 and older seeking martial or longevity arts training. No commitment is necessary. Options to learn include the following: Qigong Breathing Exercises, Tai Chi, Kung Fu Conditioning Exercises, Tai Yi, Baguazhang and more. This is an ideal opportunity for those with too busy of a schedule to attend classes regularly or for those wanting to brush up on, or add new movements to what they already know.

Fees: Individuals any 6 sessions $60, Couples $90

Monthly: Individual $60, Couples $90

Private Lesson $45, or a series of 5 is $180 for Individuals or a Couple

Drop in Fee: $15 initially and then $10 once you become a regular student and pay $60 for series