Jim Hennigan

Jim relocated to Salem in 2014. He has been a Martial Arts Instructor since 1989, and has been practicing the Arts for almost 40 years. He earned his first black belt in the Korean Mixed Martial Arts in 1987 and reached 3rd degree black belt before shifting his concentration to Chinese Wudang Internal Martial Arts to coincide with attending Midwest College of Oriental Medicine.  

Jim has been formally educated as a Pharmacist and as an Oriental Medicine Acupuncturist, Herbalist and Qi/Shen Gong practitioner in the midwest area before moving West.  Jim's martial arts instruction experience is extensive and includes several years as a faculty member at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine-Chicago Campus, where he was responsible for teaching Tai Chi and QiGong Movements to all Traditional Chinese Medicine students. Much of the emphasis of Jim's training has been Baguazhang and especially Bagua Circle Walking, which many say is the most effective form of Nei Gong or inner cultivation of power for longevity of any of the Internal Martial Arts.

Available training for absolute beginners as well as those with extensive experience in other Martial Arts looking for training, which advocates good health as well as fitness while also learning self defense applications if so desired. The level of difficulty of the training is geared to the individual, as the same movements can be adapted for seniors looking for low impact training or the extremely fit individual looking for a very challenging workout

Ben Coleman

Ben has been at the center of Salem Martial Arts for over 4 decades. He spent 35 years training and teaching at the YMCA's Salem Budo Kai Dojo.  Ben has taught and inspired many of Salem's youngsters and adults over the years about self-discipline, hard work and achieving one’s objectives.  One of a group of higher belts which ran the program, Ben was in charge of the junior program at Budo Kai.  In fact, Zanshin Arts itself is a product of two of Ben's former young students, Logan and Rhonda (see Zanshin link).  They had been inspired by the Budo Kai Program as youths, and as adults opened and have been donating their time and efforts to Zanshin, a state of the art martial arts facility, which operates as a non-profit so as to offer Salem's citizens a low cost martial arts option.

Ben first began his training in 1973 soon after graduating from U of Oregon at Eugene.  After working his way through the ranks and into the leadership at Budo Kai he donated his time to instructing Salem's youth for many years before retiring.  After years of training at Budo Kai Ben was able to travel and receive training Japan as well. He holds the rank of Godan (5th degree) in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu and Sandan (3rd degree) in Shudokan Aikido. An injury finally forced Ben to retire from teaching the physically demanding Japanese Arts, which require constant controlled falling and rolling. Not wanting to cast aside martial arts in his senior years,  Ben took up the more body friendly Chinese Tai Chi.  Ben has now been practicing his newest art, Tai Chi Yang Style 24 Beijing daily for approximately three years, and along with Jim at Salem Tai Chi Plus leads the Tuesday morning Tai Chi session at Zanshin.

Instructors Philosophy On Training

The "Real Enemy" of all of us is not generally other individuals that by some chance may assault you, but rather is disease, depression, emotions such as anger, immobility, and a lack of overall wellness brought on by an amalgam of factors such as: lack of healthy exercise, the american diet, news headlines and
ok maybe an intruder or that belligerent fellow that physically threatens you at most a few times in one's lifetime. When I first began my training some ten years or more before I entered an Oriental Medicine College, I must say, that I trained more to learn self defense techniques than for my overall health.  However it was very evident after several years of training that my health vastly improved. On maturing and becoming a healer
and practitioner of Oriental Medicine I began to see a bigger picture.  Americans, even those that are physically fit are not particularly healthy because they haven't figured out what makes one particularly healthy. There is a non physical energetic component that must be cultivated in some manner and Internal Arts Training is the best method and best answer that I have personally found.