Low Impact and Seniors


Training is all about improving balance, strength, flexibility and overall mobility while reducing overall joint and body pain via improving the circulation of blood, body fluids and Chi (Qi) or energy/force. Breathing exercises or Qigong exercises are always the first practices students learn. Basic low to moderate impact exercises and movements called “forms” follow. These include some Tai Chi steps and other lower impact but effective forms. Students then proceed to study one of two Tai Chi styles and then on to Baguazhang or Tai Yi along with various drills and short forms. Self defense applications are an option that the student must request although, I often explain many movements in self defense terms to best get the point across as to how the movement should be performed.  My objective is to give the student something they can take away from the sessions to enable them to go home and perform their personal 20 minute routine that will help them maintain good health as they age. And, if they seek to go further in their training there are many possibilities open to them. I also modify standard forms to accommodate the students condition and capability.